Services & Cost

Chimney Sweeping Services Include:

  • Visual inspection of chimney pot and stack.
  • Full brush of chimney and flue.
  • Free updraft smoke test after every sweep, to ensure all fumes are leaving the fireplace/stove correctly.
  • A certificate is issued after every sweep.
  • Areas are left clean and tidy.

Also offered:

  • Stove maintenance, including fire brick replacements, re-roping of doors and re-paints.


Mike is a trained chimney sweep with full public liability insurance. He uses a traditional rod and brush method, with a modern industrial vacuum which has a 3 way filtration system, using a HEPA filter, to ensure your home stays as clean as it was before he arrived. The area around the stove/fireplace is covered with clean dust sheets.


A straight forward sweep will cost between £40-£45. If the job becomes more complicated, for instance a bird's nest needs to be cleared or repair work is identified, then this may increase the cost. No additional work will be carried out without speaking to you first. Discounts are given for sweeping two or more chimneys in the same property. Discounts also available if two or more sweeps are booked at the same time in the same street.


A straight forward sweep will usually take around 45 minutes to an hour. Whilst you are asked to ensure the area around your fireplace is free of clutter and your grate is empty, no other preparation or equipment needs to be provided by you. Although a working kettle and tea bag is always appreciated!



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